A series of 2 illustrations for my thesis-preparation project.  “Moving”compares minorities in society to urban wildlife pigeon. It highlights the critical social issue with a simple children story approach, magnifying the devastation and negligence the group receives from the majority population.




The Story

A mother pigeon lives in a very busy city with her little girl. Yesterday, their house was taken again by the giants, so they are on their journey to find a new home. They flew high, higher than all buildings in the city, but all of them are covered with sharp spikes. They rested on the ground to catch a breath, but they were quickly rushed in the middle of a scary intersection. 

They searched the whole day with no luck. Out of hunger, mother lied down at the side of the road, she remembers a tale about the hometown which her great-great grandparents lived in, where buildings are green and safe to land on. Catching the last warmth from the sun, she slowly closed her eyes.



"Moving" combines both traditional and digital media. The creation began with a sketch on a piece of paper. Then, the idea is  first executed with the paper cut-out technique using traditional media. Lastly, I would scan the illustration into the computer to add final details.

Using paper cut-out gives me the freedom to play with the composition.

Once I am happy about the placement of all the subjects, I would scan it in the computer.

Using Format